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Hi! I'm Caitlin!

My name is Caitlin Marshall and I'm the host and voice behind the Besties by Bravo podcast and the brain behind @bestiesbybravo on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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My Story

Growing up in Edmond, Oklahoma I was bound and determined to work in the TV & Film industry, starting at about 7 years old when I joined a local theater company and was cast in such well known productions as My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz landing the prestigious role of "Apple Throwing Tree" in the latter. While I was not nominated for Tony, much to mine and many others shock, my 2 lines while throwing apples at Dorothy and her friends were my gateway drug to pursuing all things acting. Which lead to my entering beauty pageants such as Miss Oklahoma Teenager pageant and most importantly the Miss Oklahoma Teen USA pageant, as I learned that when the state winner wins the national title, she wins a full ride scholarship to the New York Film Academy. While I didn't catch that state title (4th runner up), after some time working as a model (including being an official model for Project Runway's Kayne Gillespie and his line Jonathan Kayne), and obtaining my barber's license as a hairstylist, I did manage to audition for the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles a few years later and received a partial scholarship.

Off to LA I went at 21 years old, without a soul to be known in my new home, and spent the next 10 years working in various TV, film, and national commercials. During that time I also enjoyed being a part of a sketch comedy troupe (Hilarity Over Therapy) performing weekly at the iOWEST in Hollywood, The Second City, and ACME Theatre in Hollywood. I also took improv at the UCB and stand up at The Second City. 


The Covid pandemic brought me to Denver where my family lives and I have a wild little boy, who has enough personality to fill a stadium.  

With the move came the itch to still partake in the entertainment industry, so I am currently signed with Wilhelmina Models Denver. Along with that, my obsession with Bravo (that has spanned over a decade and a half) brought about the idea to go full steam ahead with a podcast and social media channels that are all things Bravo and pop culture. I thought, "I can sit and talk for nearly hours about Bravo shows, and feel an instant kinship with anyone who is also a fan, so why not create a community of Bravo besties who all share the same love of dissecting the dynamics and voicing opinions on these shows?" and that's what I did. 

So, if you want to be my new bestie who can chat Bravo, pop culture, and even mom life, welcome to being a Bestie by Bravo!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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